Interior design and finish. Our way of work.

The final effect and your satisfaction are influenced by many factors - one of them is our method of operation. We make sure that turnkey finishing in our studio runs smoothly and reduces your stress.

Introductory online meeting

The first, non-binding meeting lasts up to 45 minutes. During the meeting, we will present our proprietary approach, discuss available dates for design and finishing, and schedule a second, free, three-hour meeting at the studio. If you already know how we work or have fully acquainted yourselves with this article, feel free to email us, and we can schedule a meeting at the studio right away.

Meeting at our studio

The second, non-binding meeting will last up to 3 hours. The outcome of this meeting is a detailed cost estimate, based on which you will decide whether you want to collaborate with us.During the meeting, we will:
  • Provide knowledge about finishing materials
  • Develop an initial functional layout for the interiors
  • Discuss all necessary tasks that may impact the budget, from surface finishing to custom furniture installations, changes to installations, air conditioning, and much more.


Our offer is, in fact, a comprehensive plan for the entire renovation. You will find there a cost estimate, a contract, a schedule of design and execution works, standards for carrying out finishing works, and even information about insuring your apartment during the course of our work.

Interior design

We understand that each client is unique and requires a slightly different approach to the project. Our workflow, the number of meetings, the presentation method of the project, the process of selecting finishing materials, and communication are designed to allow a focus on the interior and make design decisions easily.

Technical audit of your property

We are with you during the apartment acceptance phase. Our qualified construction supervisors will conduct a professional inspection of the apartment and, if necessary, prepare a list of corrections for the developer.

Interior finish

The interior finishing is being carried out and coordinated by our team, and it is documented in a virtual construction journal. We operate based on our own standards of execution, which exceed the norm. We have our own craftsmen, carpenters, electricians, and construction supervisors.


Handover of a completed, clean apartment within the specified timeframe. Following the handover, you are covered by our 2-year warranty, which encompasses all the work carried out by us.

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