A few years ago, we changed our approach to designing and finishing residential interiors. Since then, we have successfully demonstrated that our formula guarantees a safe, hassle-free, and on time completion of your space.
We don't operate on fixed packages; we are flexible, and the scope of our service depends solely on your expectations.

Discover our process.

We take great pride in being the only ones on the market capable of completing the following within 5 months:
      Develop a comprehensive executive interior design project.
      Carry out complete interior finishing, including:
      • Wall, ceiling, and floor finishing.
      • Complete finishing of bathrooms and kitchens.
      • Installation of built-in furniture and ready-made furniture.
      • General construction work.
      • Modifications to electrical and plumbing installations.
      • Door installations.
      • Lighting installations.
      • Installation of accessories, decorations, and movable furniture.
      • Finishing of usable attics.
      • Air conditioning installations.
      • Stair finishing.
      • Installation of water and electric underfloor heating.
      • Other elements requested by the Investor.
For apartments and large houses, the necessary time for completing all the work will be provided after the initial consultation at the first design meeting.

Stages of collaboration:


1. Online meeting

The first, non-binding meeting lasts up to 45 minutes.
During the meeting, we will present our proprietary approach, discuss available timelines for design and finishing, and schedule a second, complimentary, three-hour meeting at our studio.
If you are already familiar with our process or have thoroughly read this article, feel free to send us an email, and we will schedule a meeting at our studio right away.


2. The studio meeting

The studio meeting is divided into three parts.
The first part involves a discussion about finishing materials. We will provide you with all the necessary information to make informed decisions about the types of finishes that will best suit your needs.
The second part is a functional analysis. Together with the architect, you will analyze the most optimal layout of the interior and determine if changes to the arrangement of walls and installations are necessary. Importantly, this is not the final functional layout but a thorough analysis allowing our architects to assess the necessary costs associated with changes to the functional layout and installations.
The third part involves finalizing the planned functional layout with material decisions. We will decide on the types of finishes within the planned budget. We will discuss everything from floor finishes to fixtures, installations, and built-in furniture, ending with considerations for air conditioning or underfloor heating.
In summary, you will receive:
  • A wealth of knowledge from an experienced architect.
  • A detailed cost estimate for the construction work, broken down by individual rooms.
  • A personalized plan for finishing your home.

3. The contract

Our offer is, in fact, a comprehensive plan for an entire renovation. Within it, you will find a cost estimate, a contract, a schedule for design and execution work, standards for conducting finishing work, and even information about insuring your residence during our operations. Importantly, you can modify the commissioned scope of finishing work until the end of the project phase. The project is designed to develop the best solutions in terms of aesthetics, functionality, and cost.


4. Interior design phase

The most intriguing, creative part of the entire process.
  • The design phase typically takes around 2-3 months.
  • There is no limit to meetings and revisions.
  • All solutions are presented on a virtual 3D model; after each meeting, you receive a package of visualizations.
  • We design based on the planned cost estimate.
  • The Lead Architect and Assistant Architect work on every aspect of the project.

5. Apartment handover assistance

We are with you at the stage of apartment handover. Our authorized construction managers will conduct a professional apartment acceptance, and if necessary, prepare a list of corrections for the developer.

6. Interior finishing phase

We work, you don't have to worry about anything.
  • Our service includes a 15% VAT savings on both the project and finishing.
  • Complete finishing takes 3 months.
  • We handle the organization of all construction elements.
  • We maintain an online construction journal where we post photos of work progress and covered elements.
  • tYou are in constant contact with the construction coordinator, who is also your caretaker.

7. Warranty

We provide a two-year warranty on all work carried out by us. In case of any issues, you can call the coordinator, who will promptly organize the repair of the defect. Given the quality of our work, the need for warranty repairs is essentially non-existent.


Additionally, included in the finishing cost, you will receive:
  • Support from an authorized construction manager during the apartment handover
  • Execution of developer change project
  • The most detailed cost estimate on the market
  • Full support from genuine specialists

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